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Enhanced Reporting was created; like most software applications, to provide a business with better insights into their telephony estate use across their entire telephony estate.

Key insights required were as follows

  • How many calls are we receiving into our branches on a weekly basis?
  • When we overflow calls into branch how many of those calls are answered at the first overflow level, then the second and third and so on overflow levels?
  • Are we meeting our call answering SLA's?
  • How many calls are branch agents making to customers, or other branches?
  • We want to filter the reports so it only covers business working hours and excludes calls from our own employee mobile numbers.
  • What are the longest calls we make and what are the top three numbers we are calling at branch level?
  • We want reports split down by branch, area and region and distributed to the team managers at each level.
  • Call answering SLA profiling - tell us your rules and we will build the report.
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The Enhanced reporting team are specialists in telecoms reporting with over 20 years experience delivering and managing large telephone and call center deployments. In the face paced world of telephony it is essential data is correct and in a format where employees can consume it immediately without requiring extra time and effort to get it into the right format.

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