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Dedicated Account

Enhanced Reporting require a single dedicated supervisor account to be assigned. This allows us to profile your reporting data and to configure an automated export file to be created. Usually the export file is in CVS format and sent out via e-mail.

Import Reports

The Enhanced Reporting platform receives the automated report and extracts the report file from the email, imports the report file into a pre-processing program where we are able to add additional information related to your business.

Build New Reports

Once completed the data fields are imported into our master reporting database where they can be accessed to build new reports or applied to template reports built to your businesses requirements.

Once Enhanced reporting have your raw call data we are able to delivery reports in any format you require. Some examples are as follows -

  • we can run checks on the imported data and add new reference fields which can be used to filter or enhance the data set. An example of this is looking up a branch telephone number and adding a branch ID that was used as a reference to identify branch calls.
  • we can filter the data so you only see the information you require covered in a report
  • we can create customer report templates that display the exact report data your business needs to make decisions
  • we can include all calls made to any telephone number associated to an office location rather than just the calls made to the local hunt group number
  • we can export reports in the format your business needs to see them on a scheduled time plan
  • we can include other data to cross reference with the telephony data so you can get reports showing a wider SLA or KPI metric
  • we can provide web based access to the reporting environment so you can create and manage your own custom reports
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The Enhanced reporting team are specialists in telecoms reporting with over 20 years experience delivering and managing large telephone and call center deployments. In the face paced world of telephony it is essential data is correct and in a format where employees can consume it immediately without requiring extra time and effort to get it into the right format.

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