/ Why you would need it

Why you would need it


The reports you currently get are great, but they might not be in the format or layout your business teams require.

You may be finding that you have to extract data and spend time manipulating it so it can be used by the business. Enhanced Reporting deliver the final report in the format you need to see to make immediate business decisions.

You may be finding you need to collate multiple reports into one so you can get the information you require to run your business reports. We provider a single view of the data, pre-formatted to deliver a consolidated report.

You may be struggling to embed key business logic into your reports. We are able to take your business logic and apply it to the data we import so you get the right results immediately.

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The Enhanced reporting team are specialists in telecoms reporting with over 20 years experience delivering and managing large telephone and call center deployments. In the face paced world of telephony it is essential data is correct and in a format where employees can consume it immediately without requiring extra time and effort to get it into the right format.

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